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Update: Well, today is my departure but there is something that reaaally concerns me. :hmm: People might know that there is a typhoon coming up in the Philippines just as when arrive there. Lucky me, right? It'll probably last for 2-3 days since it's slow moving. Hopefully, the landing won't be a problem. And I hope that it just goes away where I'll be going... D: *whimper*


Hey guys! :wave:

I am really, really, reaaaally grateful for all the birthday wishes! ;///; There were sooo many of them! I just HAD to reply to each of them to say how thankful I am~ ;u; Thank you all SO MUCH!!
:party: :heart:
You guys are AWESOME! :la: :hug:

As for a non-deviantArt related birthday, I had a blast with my family and friends! :aww: You might not know, but we actually celebrated three birthdays! Me, my aunt and my cousin (girl) in which we have our birthdays only 1-2 days apart. :D There were lots of cake and presents. I got money and an awesome Fox Amiibo. :D Aaaand I kinda got myself some presents X//DD I bought myself Pokemon OR/AS (both the limited steelcases), two Amiibos (Pikachu and Marth), a Smash Bros. Gamecube controller and Smash Bros. for Wii U + GC Adapter. :excited:
Speaking of Smash Bros... feel free to add me if you have a Wii U. You can find me under my main account's name: Hakunaro. :nod: But I'll probably won't be online that much because...

.....I'm preparing for my vacation to the Philippines~! :la:
I'll depart this Saturday, the 6th of December. Oh god... less than a week already! o.O Nervousness and paranoia intensifies! XDD D//:
I'll stay there for christmas and new year. So I'll be away for a month. But that doesn't mean I won't be online as much. ;) But there will be no holiday related artworks from me though. I had so much planned too....aww... ;__;
Okay, need to prepare some stuff for the next couple of days and hopefully, the flight won't be turbulent like the last time I went there... >__> XDD

That's all for now. Thank you again all so much for the birthday wishes! ;//u//; Love y'all~! :heart: :hug:



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:iconcommissionsclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heya bronies, pegasisters, non-bronies and non-pegasisters! Welcome to my dA page! :wave:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

This is Hakunaro speaking and you're currently on my pony sub-account. 8D I didn't want to spam my watchers inbox with pony art if they don't like it. If they DO like it, they can still watch me here too. :dance:

If you would like to visit my actual main account, look further below and click on my icon.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

My name is SkyHeavens... or Hakunaro if you want to go with my main account name. ;D But you can call me Hakuya, Haku or Sky. ;) I'm usually an Anthro Artist but for this sub-account, I'm a pony artist! :lol: I'm from Austria, but came originaly from the Philippines. I'm 25 years old and still getting older. D:

The blue guy on the left of my DevID is Sky. He's my "Alter Ego" and he represents me on the web and he's also my main character in my "A Wingtail Story"-Project. And the one on the right is his original Design from 2007 (re-designed in 2011), created for Land Before Time fanarts. ^^ And the pony at the top, well, it's pretty self-explanatory don't you think? :D

I love drawing (that's why I'm here). I love to listen to music while drawing, especially to Videogame or Movie/TV Soundtracks. I prefer cartoons over live action TV. o_O

Guess there is nothing more to say, cause I can't come up with more... :saddummy: XDDD

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

This is my Sub-Account for My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic art!
My actual main account is
I'd be happy to see you there too~ ^__^

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